Jenkins GSoC Office Hours - June 6, 2024

Attendees: AT, Kris Stern, Danyang Zhao, Bruno Verachten, Sridhar Sivakumar, Valentin Delaye, Shlomo Dahan


GSoC contributor updates, any challenges/roadblocks?

  • OpenRewrite – Sridhar
    • Parsing CLI args - Done
    • Working on plugin metadata extraction (part of core module)
    • CI/CD has been enabled (no release yet, but that will be helpful in the near future)
  • GitHub Permissions - Danyang
    • Final exam this week
    • Working on transitioning from handling individual files to managing merged object content
    • Working on Changed logic to process only developers with changes
    • Progress in @Alaurant's GitHub Permission project · GitHub
  • Maintainability for the RPU – Phillipp
    • Phillipp has been ill lately
    • Alex has been impacted by the latest floods in Germany
  • LLM Model – Nour
    • Continuing on with data collection and research
    • Have pending exams in the coming weeks
  • Infra Statistics UI – Shlomo
    • Meeting with Hervé tomorrow to discuss the gathering/fetching of data.
    • No major updates, worked on refactoring and cleaning up code this week.