Jenkins GSoC Office Hours - May 23, 2024

Attendees: AT, Kris Stern, Valentin Delaye, Danyang, Sridhar, Rajiv, Vandit Singh, Phillipp Glanz, Alex Brandes, Bruno Verachten, JMM, Shlomo, Rajiv, Nour


GSoC contributor updates, any challenges/roadblocks?

  • Maintainability for the RPU – Phillipp
    • Problems in preparing tests to cover the current cases are based on Alex’s PR feedback
    • Working out the logistics for the workflow
    • Phillip brought up some important problem of the current code not using official APIs and are written in Groovy 2, so will need to be replaced eventually with Java code (say Java 21) – worrying but not blocking
  • OpenRewrite – Sridhar
    • Working on Blog post
    • Currently university exams are going on which ends on 28th May
    • Just completed the project roadmap which will be updated on the project page
  • Infra Statistics UI – Shlomo
    • Landing page updated to match design language
    • Statistics in detail page started - designing a dashboard view
    • Waiting for Herve to provide more details on how to retrieve the data

  • LLM Model – Nour
    • Working on research and data collection parts
    • Will create the GitHub repo
    • Will share .CSV file with mentor to have a sneak peek to get an idea about how things will turn out
    • Collected data from repo, Stack Overflow, some other external sources, and the Jenkins community
    • KS: project on track
  • GitHub Permissions - Danyang
    • Parsing yaml files – done
    • Try to update information by Github API
    • The first meeting not happened yet
    • Meeting will start next week (on Wednesdays)
    • Worried about trying code out in actual Jenkins settings
      • Alex suggest adding Danyang to” jenkinsci” org and to have read access granted to her

May 26: end of bonding period

  • Blog post - Your top 5 key takeaways for the bonding period
    • Should we do 1 consolidated post or 5 individual posts?
    • Alex: 1 consolidated with 3-5 bullets

May 27: coding period begins

July 8 - July 12: Midterm evaluations due from mentors

July 11 - Midterm presentations ? same time as this office hour?

  • KS/JMM: keep it as office hours time (1PM UTC)
  • No objections for July 11 online meetup, midterm presentations