Jenkins GSoC Office Hours - June 20, 2024

Attendees: AT, Danyang, Phillipp, Kris, Sridhar, Valentin, Alex, Shlomo, Bruno, Nour


GSoC contributor updates, any challenges/roadblocks?

  • Infra Statistics UI – Shlomo
    • CI/CD Pipeline set up for repo
      • Lots of automation set up by the infra team
      • The repo looks more ready for production
    • Further updates to UI/UX
  • Bruno: Infra team done great work enhancing existing repository, Seeing lots more PRs, it’s getting better and better. Things are going well.
  • Kris: Progress been fine except a few hiccups regarding CI pipeline setup, think that’s settled. Most of the things to be done on the list for the pipeline are finished. Only minor issues remaining for infra team to pick up.
  • GitHub Permissions - Danyang
    • Automatically update teams when a pull request that modifies the YAML file is merged. - Done
    • Working on ensuring that the team members correspond with those listed in the YAML file.
    • Working on adding a file to make the project easier to understand
    • Will integrate my work with the existing RPU framework.
    • Alex: Danyang created an organization outside of Jenkins organization where test repository lives, where we can make changes to and mess with the changes without breaking existing CI infrastructure.
  • Maintainability for the RPU – Phillipp
    • The feedback from Alex and Tim is dealt with as follows - WIP
    • Local I have already prepared further tests - WIP
    • Integrating JUnit and Mockito as a test framework - Done
    • Alex: Phillipp wrote 4-5 PRs to the RPUs So far we have reviewed them, and Tim commented on the choice of his testing framework. But, given, there’s no pre-existing testing framework. We agreed on that. Philip can introduce anything that he thinks is the best fit for the project.
  • OpenRewrite – Sridhar
    • Parsing pom using the OpenRewrite Parser - Done
    • Currently working on the transformer (which might use Maven invoker)
    • Having Discussions with Steve Hill and the OpenRewrite team
      • Open communication is important, especially between communities, avoid 1:1 communication.
  • LLM Model – Nour
    • Worked on the model evaluation using some additional packages (DeepEval) and the benchmarks provided
    • Worked on the interaction with the model using langchain, considering the history part
    • Working on the software part, started with the UI of the chatbot using React TypeScript
  • Alyssa Tong will publish the midterm Jenkins Online Meetup this week. I will also be sending out the presentation template. The link to last year’s midterm Online Meetup is at Login to Meetup | Meetup
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