Jenkins GSoC Office Hours - June 13, 2024

Attendees: AT, Danyang, Kris Stern, Bruno, Valentin, Phillipp, Nour, Sridhar, Hervé Le Meur


GSoC contributor updates, any challenges/roadblocks?

  • LLM Model – Nour
    • Finished Data Collection process, automated and preprocessed
    • Converted the dataset to match the tuning template of llama2
    • Currently working on fine-tuning procedure to train the model, parameters, storing, and interacting with LangChain
    • Created a Kanban board on GitHub to manage our progress and keep mentors updated on what I’m currently doing, and also to plan our progress
  • Infra Statistics UI – Shlomo
    • Had a meeting with Mark on Tuesday
    • Received some feedback both from Mark and Hervé
    • Personal repo is being migrated to jenkins-infra by Hervé
  • GitHub Permissions - Danyang
    • Working on Fetch changed lines by Webhook
    • Will use the YAML file to add the team to the Repo
    • Need to know the details of the workflow of adding a new team member, will sort out step by step to ask questions on Gitter
    • Herve: Opening a helpdesk issue could help sometimes.
  • Maintainability for the RPU – Phillipp
    • PRs were made on
      • The JIRA API PR is released for Review, Tim has already given feedback
      • The JIRA API PR now includes JUnit tests for testing the content. This simulates requests to Jira. When simulating, various log messages are checked to see whether the cases can arrive
      • The GitHub PR and Artifactory PR wait for the Jira API PR to avoid copying code back and forth that would otherwise be generated twice
      • It was very challenging to simulate the web requests without doing a lot of unnecessary steps
      • I am currently blocked from merging the Jira PR and Alex is looking at the PR
    • Jenkins - RPU Maintainability · GitHub
  • OpenRewrite – Sridhar
    • Tried Different approaches to extract metadata (constructed custom parser, but that might not end up being an optimal solution)
    • Reconstructing again with OpenRewrite XML Parser (Maven Parser lib)
    • Will Raise the PR on metadata extraction with OpenRewrite Parser later tonight
    • Will start working on the core module in the coming week