Java License for Jenkins

Hello All,

Do we need Oracle Java license to use Jenkins ?

My current setup is: I have Java 17 running with my Jenkins installation and the version i am using is 2.263.4. I just wanted to make sure that do i need to purchase a java license to run my Jenkins.

Thanks in advance

Review the Oracle Java licensing frequently asked questions to answer specific details about Oracle Java licensing. Relying on someone else to answer the question is risky.

The Jenkins project distributes Eclipse Temurin in our container images. We’ve had very good results with it. It is open source.

Jenkins runs on many Linux distributions that use OpenJDK. Those distributions include Debian, Red Hat, Oracle, openSUSE, and Ubuntu. We’ve had very good results with OpenJDK as well.

Bell/Soft provides a summary comparison of the Java alternatives if you want to choose a commercial provider of Java