Java idk 8-11 License

Hello everybody, I was wondering if it is possible to install Java jdk 8/11 (in order to use Jenkins) in business computer, without buying the license. Reading the new terms and conditions of Oracle isn’t super clear.
Thank you

Absolutely: you may want to use the Adoptium JDK disribution, which is what is used for building, testing, packaging (and docker images) for Jenkins itself:

Hey, are you sure about it? I didn’t see any “Jenkins” word related. Also this release is oriented to Eclipse world.
Im asking this questions cause I already tried the OpenJdk 11 and I get some error during installation, while (on my personal pc) using the Java jdk 11 original I didnt.
There is also Amazon Corretto 11

we use adoptium, we don’t produce adoptium.

Well of course :smiley: Anyway I check the error and it was related to groovy with jdk-11. So everything fine. Thanks for help