Java 11 as default in Jenkins 2.303.1 Docker images

I’ve posted a Jenkins Enhancement Proposal pull request with a plan to update the Jenkins Docker images from Java 8 to Java 11 as part of the August 25, 2021 LTS release of Jenkins 2.303.1.

We’re already working on the changes and the communication. We’d love to have additional insights from others about problems that may have been missed or issues that could cause us to reconsider making that change.

See the pull request and view the README file for details.

The pull request for the controller change in weekly Jenkins 2.307 has been submitted and is ready for review.

Adoptium is still working on the 11.0.12 JDK release with some security issues, among others. Shall we wait till they are ready so that we can ship it there? (Existing JDK 8 images need to be updated, too, so this is kind of orthogonal).

Thanks for asking. I think that we can safely proceed with any of the 11.0.12 releases that Adoptium has published. The Docker images for amd64 are available and the change to use them has been merged into the controller repository. The agent images still need to be updated as do the Windows images for the controller.

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Hmm this will cause publishing to fail as the arm images aren’t there, we can see on Tuesday but might need to roll back

I think you’re probably correct that publishing will fail because we need AdoptOpenJDK images for each of the supported architectures. I’ve submitted the pull request to revert the change.

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Adoptium has released Java 8u302 and Java 11.0.12 for the architectures we need. I’ve included the Java upgrade in the pull request that switches to Java 11.

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Enterprise Linux RPMs are still missing for some reason…

We’ve stopped using the RPMs now in Switch to eclipse temurin, build via jlink, switch to bullseye by timja · Pull Request #1185 · jenkinsci/docker · G so it’ll have the latest in the next release


Wow, amazing work, thank you!