Issues with CIVS: "The poll ends ."

Hello, I am using CIVS for a first time and noticed two things:

  1. After activation I got a strange error Unexpected error: Internal error saving opt-out information (open) - reported upstream First time user: Unexpected error: Internal error saving opt-out information (open) · Issue #52 · andrewcmyers/civs · GitHub (couldn’t find a better place to do that… is there any?)

  2. Both polls contain the following paragraph:

Only the single favorite choice will win the poll.
The poll ends . The poll supervisor is @olblak . Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

It says, “The poll ends”, followed by a space and a “dot”. Is poll end date missing there?

I suspect that indicates that Olivier declared that the poll will end but did not provide a specific date. That may allow him to end the poll once all registered voters have cast their votes.

Per the timeline, voting ends November 30, 2021.

Indeed I didn’t specify the date to automaticvally end the poll as I couldn’t guess the date format to use :sunglasses: so I am planning to close it manually. So I guess The poll ends . sounds like an empy variable

Regarding the internal error, unfortunately, I can’t really help :confused:

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Thank you, this was just a tiny confusing thing. I am fine with that.

According to the Github comment regarding the internal error, I should try again but I think it works for me anyway.