Election server is temporarily offline

The election server at http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/ is temporarily offline. Professor Andrew Myers of Cornell University very kindly responded to a tweet question that I raised:

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It seems that everything is back to normal now.
At this stage, 50/81 people voted for board members and 46/81 voted for the documentation officer.
Considering that the vote is anonymous, I don’t who voted and who didn’t.
Should we delay the end of the poll for two days, which was the time the server was down.

My vote is stock to the original timeline as I think the further out we go the less likely others will vote anyways.

But it is not working well yet. After clicking on “Request activation code” I get this response (without any other detail)

Code requested but something went wrong.

I confirm the behavior, just experienced the same. In addition to the error message I see:

To: 5.3.5 Unregistered source QID=4HzZ8B3RCQz1Y idxF=1 idxR=1 OK

Andrew Myers noted in his tweet yesterday that the email system is not yet working.

Since email is not yet working, activation codes can’t be sent. Voters that had not yet activated email are still prevented from voting until the email is configured on the server.

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Professor Myers has announced that the mail activation is working. Special thanks to him!