Installing v2.305 in a VM & Upgrade Path


My client has v2.305.1-slim from Dockerhub installed inside a Kubernetes cluster and I am in the process of trying to replicate the same setup on my local machine in a VM in order to test out the upgrade path following a failed upgrade on the live system.

How can I install this (very) old version please?
Looking to install either on CentOS/Alma Linux or on an EC2 AL2 instance.

Also, what would be the appropriate upgrade path for the 2.305 release?
I’m having a hard time understanding the correct approach from the Jenkins documentation.

Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a 2.305.1 version of Jenkins. I’m assuming you mean 2.305 rather than 2.305.1.

Jenkins 2.305 is a weekly release. Since the user has not upgraded from that weekly release in almost one year, it is safe to assume they should upgrade to the long term support line rather than the weekly line. Users of the weekly line should upgrade weekly. Users of the LTS line should upgrade monthly. Jenkins security fixes for Jenkins core are applied to the most recent weekly and the most recent LTS.

If they are using 2.305-slim from Dockerhub, then you can run it with

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 jenkins/jenkins:2.305-slim

Review the upgrade guides for each intervening long term support release and identify action items from each of those upgrade guides. Review the changelogs from each of the intervening long term support releases and identify action items based on your environment.

You should also use this as the opportunity to switch from Java 8 to Java 11.

Thanks for the prompt response Mark and for the information - it is much appreciated.
You are correct - I meant 2.305 and it is indeed the slim image being used.
In terms of switching to the LTS - which one should we be switching to?
If we are at 2.305 weekly, should we be going to 2.319 now?

Thanks again in advance.

Your ultimate destination should be the most recent long term support release. Currently, that is Jenkins 2.346.2.

Whether you reach that destination through a series of steps or in a single long step is a question you get to answer based on the complexity of the configuration, the sensitivity to outages of the environment, and more.