Jenkins upgrade 2.150.1 to most recent upgrade path?

Hello Jenkins Community,
I just joined this site and this is my first posting.
Hoping someone can please give advice on the following below?
Upgrade question.
John Dove

We use old Jenkins 2.150.1
I have been asked to upgrade to the most recent Jenkins version.
Is there an upgrade path I should follow?

Ouch, thats a bit of a large jump. Its probably not what you want to hear, but generally switch to each LTS one at a time and follow the notes on Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide

Or if your okay with downtime (likely some breakage), setup a new instance, jump directly to latest version, re-install /all the same plugins, and import all the jobs (copy the jobs directory).


Thanks for the reply.

Very much appreciated.

I will begin researching this. Thanks again.

~ John

Question for Halkeye,

Hoping you are available for another question?

I plan on upgrading directly from LTS 2.150.1 to LTS 2.289.3

Is there a users guide for doing that upgrade? Any general pitfalls to avoid?

Upgrading to Jenkins LTS 2.289.x ← found this

Thanks again for any wisdom you can give.

~ John Dove

The alternatives provided by @halkeye in Jenkins upgrade 2.150.1 to most recent upgrade path? - #2 by halkeye are equally applicable to your upgrade from 2.150.1 to 2.289.3 (or 2.303.2).

Choices are:

  • Upgrade by a series of steps, fixing breakages at intermediate steps in hopes the sum of changes needed in the series of steps is less than the alternative
  • Create a new instance, install the target version (2.289.3 or 2.303.2), then copy in the files from the source instance. Run the instance and diagnose issues

Upgrade guides describe each of the steps. So, there is an upgrade guide from 2.150.x to 2.163.1. There is an upgrade guide from each of the LTS releases to the next LTS release.


Thanks very much Mark!