Infrastructure Team Meeting - Dec 7, 2021


Damien Duportal (@dduportal ), Hervé Le Meur (@hlemeur ), Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite ), Stephane Merle

Official minutes on GitHub.


  • Puppet cleanup
    • Started removing unused code (managed somewhere else):
    • Future upgrade of puppet testing and production
      • Test environment is too old
      • Switch to Puppet development kit for testing and roles, profiles, Docker simulation
      • Destination - end to end testing on master branch
    • Why puppet?
      • Several machines that can’t be managed with Terraform
        • PowerPC
        • s390x
        • OSU-OSL (old confluence, old Jira machines)
        • Static agent for update center cache
  • Postmortems:
  • Accelerating build and test - @MarkEWaite (
    • Gradle Enterprise
      • OK to invite to present to next week’s meeting
        • Mark to invite presenter to next meeting
      • Limit to 10-15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes of questions
      • Assessing infrastructure fit more than technical viability
      • Separate meeting with others for technical viability
      • Needs more discussion in infra list and developers list
        • Mark to bring discussion to developer list
    • Launchable
      • Continue discussions in the mailing list
  • TLS cert for
    • Waiting for response from Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Mark provide an email address to Damien
  • Oracle Cloud
    • Mark add Tim, Damien, Herve to our Oracle Cloud account
    • Damien or Herve create account for Stephane
  • “.io” domain renewal
    • Damien send email request to Tyler Croy
    • Eventually need to transfer domain ownership to Linux Foundation
      • Linux Foundation acts as sustainability safety
  • updatecli and Pipeline shared library improvements

for those who don’t have access to runbooks. I mean asking for a friend. What does it do?

Even those of us in the meeting who have access to the runbooks did not know what it does. Research shows that it is used to calculate the distribution of job types (Pipeline vs. Freestyle), etc.

Is it actually used though? May have just been setup but never finished?

The run book says just TODO add content @halkeye

Mark and Tim already answered that the runbook is empty.

I’ll take care of the links next time: I did not thought about the link that could be private :sweat_smile: