Infrastructure Team Meeting - Jan 18, 2022


Damien Duportal (@dduportal ), Hervé Le Meur (@hlemeur ), Stephane Merle (@smerle), Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite )

Official minutes on GitHub.


  • Certificate for updated (thanks KK :heart:)

    • Updated and running the new certificate
    • Documentation in the runbook, entry in the calendar
  • Netlify for, and

    • Previews visible for and PR’s
    • Still need to migrate to the open source account
      • Already hosted on Netlify, but in a user account
      • Open source account allows multiple administrators
    • Deployment preview happens and runs from
      • Advanced check that maps to deployments
    • Web site is built by using specific Pipeline libraries
      • Pushed by Netlify command line, but using Jenkins, not Netlify CI
      • Limited by amount of minutes on Netlify CI free credits
      • We do the build on our machines, then use their hosting
  • The apache version + OS is shown by

    • Fixed by Herve earlier, there was one left Docker image change to apply
    • Required a new updatecli manifest in jenkins-infra/jenkins-infra
    • Docker images now build automatically
      • Can use updatecli to use those new container versions
    • Well suited to migrate to Kubernetes
  • Digital Ocean: @lemeurherve started to work on it

  • Packer Images: building Docker images by @smerle33

    • Linux Container OK for build
      • Developers should not care whether a virtual machine or container
      • JDK 8, JDK 11, git, Maven, etc.
      • Use packer to build all images (Docker container, AWS VM, Azure VM)
      • Won’t need the inbound agent image for Jenkins infra
      • Image build is working
    • Need to
      • add the “deploy phase”
      • swap’s container images with these new packer’s images
      • then Windows container
  • Release process

    • One container per pod => avoid Kubernetes timeout
      • Testing today in the weekly release 2.331
    • JDK11 => modernization
    • Windows packaging => for a 30 min package build, 15 min of pulling windows dotnet image (12-15 Gb) + 5-6 min of windows…
    • @basil (Basil Crow) started a huge work on jenkinsci/packaging to provide more testing BEFORE release (enabling CI, etc.). Why not moving most of the docker-packaging’s Dockerfile content in jenkinsci/packaging? (docker-packaging should only add the inbound-agent logic for kube + specific release script tooling such as jv or updatecli)
    • Stop using branches on jenkins-infra/release repository (discussion on to be started)
      • First step to staging releases before the real release
  • Jfrog

  • Safety checks on weekly release to be done (because recent changes)

    • @MarkEWaite to trigger the subject on IRC #jenkins-release.

this is super easy to do, you just click the transfer button. Is it something we have to ask @olblak to do? I can add him to the open source account if need be.

Not sure its useful, but Rating and postgres by halkeye · Pull Request #137 · jenkins-infra/kubernetes-management · GitHub was done at one point.


Comment added in [INFRA-1973] Migrate to Azure · Issue #1627 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub, many thanks @halkeye (Did not know it was already tried 1 year ago)

Post + notes updated: it’s Mark user handle in hackmd.