Infrastructure Weeky Meeting Recap - 2021-07-06


Yesterday we had our weekly meeting.
Meeting notes are available on jenkins-infra/documentation

Next week meeting note document is available here, feel free to add any topic you want to discuss there

Here is a copy:

  • JFrog Incident?
    • Unable to move new security release into final location
    • Daniel applied a workaround to show the new security release
      • Created a virtual maven repository that wrapped the real repository and security repository
      • JFrog discussion ongoing (is there a location where we can see upcoming upgrades and outages)
      • Requested that we send email to in future
        • Open a support request with them to ask how we could be notified of upgrades
    • Docker image builds were delayed
  • Trusted + CI.j stabilization: :white_check_mark:
    • Have not had a major incident in the last two weeks
    • Fixes operating as expected
    • Thanks to all who assisted including Daniel & Tim
  • Updatecli: issue with blocked the k8s management
    • Let’s wait: it’s summer, no emergency, and @olblak is releasing a fix soon
  • jenkinsci/docker
    • Multi Arch controller images: issues#1139
    • Tests Framework cleanup + parallelization
      • Significant performance improvement with buildx and bake
      • Test cleanup in progress as well
  • Puppet - jenkins-infra/jenkins-infra
    • transition from Rackspace
      • Arm infrastructure works well on Oracle cloud
      • Need to run Ubuntu 20.04 to use Arm on Oracle cloud
    • Gem update being evaluated for Ubuntu 20.04
      • Other infra currently running Ubuntu 18.04
      • Can puppet modules be tracked with Dependabot or updatecli?
        • OV: Not at the moment
    • Using Vagrant with Docker provider for tests?
      • Considering ways to test puppet changes without deploy to prod
      • Previously created PR’s from staging to master
      • Will add tests to assure we can deploy pull requests
    • CI.j: agent as code
  • Terraform 1.0: if we got time this week, otherwise later this month
    • @dduportal proposing upgrades one repository at a time
  • Tool installer metadata issue JENKINS-60229 - @MarkEWaite
    • Metadata signature check failing for Allure plugin
      • No sha256 data in the JSON for Allure plugin
      • Other installers seem to include sha256 in the JSON
    • What is the flow of data and checks for tool installers?
  • Evaluating a move away from Google Analytics to other service
    • Plausible overran quota quickly
    • Matomo prototype started by Gavin Mogan link
    • See Discourse topic

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