Infrastructure Team Meeting - Apr 12, 2022


Announcements :loudspeaker:

  1. DigitalOcean Suspicious Activity (more to come later, no harm done)
    • Public communication later this week based on audit results
  2. Weekly 2.343
    • Docker image confirmed visible, changelog visible
    • Need to run the release checklist
  3. Security advisory today: Jenkins Security Advisory 2022-04-12
    • 14 plugins in the advisory, and other instances are up to date
  4. Slowness on
    • Detailed issue report needed on helpdesk
    • Damien and Mark receive notice on Pagerduty, Apache restart on unusual timeout
    • Will sunset the deprecated mirror system that was http only
      • Will redirect all mirror requests to https mirrors
      • Blog post and email notification will be provided

Notes :book: