I want to setup opentelemetry in Cloudbees CI but traces are not getting generated

My setup:

  1. I have installed docker instance for cloudbees CI
    docker run --name cloudbees-ci -p 8080:8080 -p 50000:50000 cloudbees/cloudbees-core-cm:latest (this will start cloudbees in local 8080)

  2. I have cloned opentelemetry-collector-contrib repo for otel-collector-config.yaml and ran docker-compose up -d as per the video.

  3. Configured ports as per the video. But in Jaeger, I can’t see Jenkins in Jaeger service.

I am also getting
WARNING i.o.s.internal.ThrottlingLogger#doLog: Failed to export logs. Server responded with gRPC status code 2. Error message: timeout
error continuously.

There seems to be no log from opentelemetry side that the traces are being generated or sent so that it can be picked up by Jaeger.

Can someone help me with this and help me set up opentelemetry so that traces are being sent or saved somewhere which I want to use further.

Help me setup opentelemetry in Cloudbees CI such that traces are getting generated.
Direct plugin is not creating any traces, which might be a bug from Cloudbees side.
any alternatives with similar functionalities is also appreciated.