Regarding Jenkins version to 2.375.2

Hi All,

I have updated the new version of Jenkins to 2.375.2, I was trying to configure new relic integrations into Jenkins its working fine but was unable to see logs, this was the command - 1. Click Logs to see your Jenkins console logs. If there are no logs, check to make sure the environment variable OTEL_LOGS_EXPORTER="otlp" is set.
after setting the env variable the logs are not showing up, can you suggest where exactly the configurations have to be done or do I need to make additional configurations to get the logs up & showing

Please suggest


Hello @shabaz and welcome to this community. :wave:

What is your operating system, and how did you install Jenkins?
Via a package manager, or directly?
Are you running it on top of Docker?

Hello @poddingue, Thank you for your response, & its a privilege to be part of this community :wave:, Amazon Linux 2 is my operating system, we are not running on top of Docker, I need to verify whether it is installed via package or directly, any suggestions to overcome this, we have used open telemetry plugin for new relic integrations