Jenkins.log not generated upon installation

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We have recently installed Jenkins (Jenkins 2.361.3) on Amazon Linux 2 machine and everything is up and running, but we have observed that the Jenkins.log file is not getting generated after the installation. Can anyone suggest any changes we need to make to get the Jenkins.log file available. Our understanding is, by default it should create a Jenkins.log file at the location /var/log/jenkins folder, but it is not in our case. Please suggest us if we are missing anything?

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jenkins fully moved to systemd a while ago. Try journalctl -u jenkins

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Jenkins 2.332.1 switched Jenkins from using System V init to use systemd with its Linux package installers for Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Alma, openSUSE, Rocky, and more. The LTS Upgrade Guide describes that transition and how to adapt your environment to the transition.

There is a blog post about it as well at

There is also a video introduction for RPM based distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Alma Linux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux.

There is also a video introduction for deb based distributions like Debian and Ubuntu

Thank you for providing these details.

We have some challenges to make a connection with our SonarQube server and Sonatype nexus server from this new jenkins.
By checking the logs we have observed below: We are able to call both of these servers on our existing Jenkins consoles without any issues. Can you please suggest on this.

  1. jenkins[5671]: Caused: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to request on the

  2. For Sonatype nexus, when we test the connection we get below error.

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request

Reason: Error reading from remote server

need more of the error, and maybe what you are doing that triggers it

Is that a white screen with that message? Then I would check the network tab of your browsers developer tools to see what query its making, it means its either like the wrong hostname, or your proxy is misconfigured.
If its more of a jenkins looking screen, then jenkins is having trouble talking to your sonar system.
Either way I’d recommend looking at your load balancer (sounds like there’s one in place) and/or talk to your ops people.