Jenkins Build Pipeline Timings

Recently we have deployed Jenkins in Kubernetes cluster and pipelines are working. Now a need arrives that we need to see the timings 0f all pipeline in one particular page. This is to know whether there are any bottlenecks associated with pipelines. We are having around 100 pipelines. We have configured promotheus and grafana for monitoring.
Is there any plugin or can we get those details in prometheus, grafana dashboards.


OpenTelemetry lets for forward data to prometheus

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Darin Pope provided a video tutorial on tracing Jenkins Pipelines with Jaeger and OpenTelemetry.

He also has a tutorial on monitoring Jenkins with Prometheus and Grafana

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Thanks a lot for sharing the details, I tried out the tutorial on “tutorial on monitoring Jenkins with Prometheus and Grafana”, It works with the grafana running locally but not with the grafana we deployed in the cluster. Not sure whats I’m doing wrong. If you can share any thoughts on it, please do so. It will be a great help.

Alexy P Thomas


It’s working, since the Prometheus deployment is done with helm need to modify some changes to scrapeconfigs.

additionalScrapeConfigs: |
- job_name: ‘jenkins’
metrics_path: ‘/prometheus/’
scheme: https
insecure_skip_verify: true
scrape_interval: 5s
- targets: [‘’]
Please note that there should not be https befor

I have used Prometheus, But thanks for sharing the details