Jenkins Job stats with grafana and prometheus/influxdb

Hi to all,
I have a jenkins instance with some folder, in each folder I have 7 jenkins job
there is a way to get stats of this job?

Some kind of stats I have need:

  • build frequency/day
  • for each build % o success
  • job duration

thank you all for your time

Hi @nioanto and welcome to this community :wave:

There are several plugins available for Jenkins that can help you collect and visualize build statistics. Here are a few options:

  1. Jenkins built-in graphs used to provide basic graphs for each job on the job page. These graphs showed the build frequency, success rate, and duration over time. Unfortunately, this plugin is not available anymore for security reasons.
  2. Plot Plugin: This plugin allows you to plot any numerical data as a graph. You can define data to plot using a CSV file or an XML file, and then display the graph on the job page or a separate page.
  3. Jenkins Prometheus Plugin: This plugin exports Jenkins metrics in Prometheus format, which can be visualized using Prometheus and Grafana. With this plugin, you can collect metrics such as build duration, build success rate, and the number of builds per day.
  4. Build Monitor Plugin (up for adoption, but still maintained): This plugin provides a dashboard view of build status for multiple jobs. You can configure which jobs to display on the dashboard and how they are grouped.

You can choose the plugin that best fits your needs and install it on your Jenkins instance. Once installed, you can configure the plugin to collect and display the statistics you need.