Visual history of jobs per worker?

I’d like to make sure of what happens on my jenkins workers at night. Which jobs are run on which worker ?
Is there a plugin or any tool that might give me insights a while after regarding what happened at what time ?
A visual graph would be fantastic but a simple test log would be enough.

Best regards

Hi @fmarot there are already some usefull informations (might be exactly what you seek, but a good start):

On your Jenkins controller, connected as administrator, browse to “Manage Jenkins” → in the section “Status Information” → “Load Statistics”.

This page ( $JENKINS_URL/manage/load-statistics ) shows a graph of 4 metrics (explained below the graph) related to the agent workload. You can switch the graph timespan to 3 different time scales.

Additionnaly, you have the same view per agent (as the principal view aggregate metrics for ALL agents, it can be a too big scope): browse to the page of any of your agents (usually from the dashboard, click on the name of an agent, or from “Manager Jenkins” → “Manage Nodes” and select any agent), select the item “Load Statistics” on the left menu (URL looks like $JENKINS_URL/computer/$AGENT_NAME/load-statistics).

If these metrics aren’t enough, then you’ll have to export metrics to an external system with one of the numerous Jenkins plugins:

  • Metrics (expose a page to scrape, with a bunch of usefull metrics including the 4 we mentioned but also more).
  • Prometheus exporter (if you have a Prometheus/Grafana stack): Prometheus metrics
  • Datadog: Datadog
  • Splunk exporter: Splunk