How to show the button auto upgrade?

I have Jenkins installed directly into a Centos 7 VM and, another VM also with Centos 7 running Jenkins on docker.

Both instances I’m not able to see the button auto upgrade.

Do I need to do anything differently inside of Jenkins configurations to be able to see that button?

Do I need to change and folder or files privileges to see that button?

Thank you very much in advance.


When you install with a Linux package manager (like yum, dnf, zypper, apt, or aptitude), you should upgrade with the Linux package manager.

Please don’t modify the permissions of files provided by the rpm package or the deb package. Please don’t replace files that are provided by the rpm package or the deb package. Let the package manager do its job by performing the upgrade with the package manager.

If you are determined that you must have the auto upgrade button, then run Jenkins with the command java -jar jenkins.war from your user account. That will show the auto upgrade button and will place all the files that Jenkins uses in your user account. You’ll need to keep a terminal window running with that command or you’ll need to configure your own service to run java -jar jenkins.war.