Jenkins upgraded automatically or by mistake

We have our Jenkins system running in Azure Kubernetes Cluster. Last week suddenly our Jenkins got upgraded to 2.332.1. We as admin team didn’t initiate this upgrade and there are lot of other users who uses Jenkins system to build their code. Is there a way to find out some one clicked on upgrade automatically button?
Appreciate your response

I don’t think there’s an upgrade button when using kubernetes. Did you use the helm chart. If you don’t pin the helm chart version and/or the image tag inside the helm values file, it’ll update to the latest release the next run.

Thanks for your response and sorry for delayed reply.
We do see upgrade button on our Jenkins UI and recently disabled this option from configure menu. We don’t have any version numbers mentioned in our helm chart. We have our Jenkins version mentioned in the docker image.
Any suggestions to track how this upgrade happened would be really helpful