How to change the driver path?

Error text:

a directory was created in mvn:\Users\WIN-TRGG796MIKG$\.m2\repository\HpsmBrowser
 loading browser C:\Users\WIN-TRGG796MIKG$\.m2\repository\HpsmBrowser\ (The system cannot find the specified path)

I can’t even figure out where this driver path comes from.
How can I change the path to the driver?

The path to the driver is likely specified in your project’s configuration files or in your test code. :thinking:

Here are a few places you may search in:

  1. Maven POM file (pom.xml). There may be configuration related to HpsmBrowser or
  2. The path might be hardcoded in your test code.
    Look for any instances of System.setProperty where the driver path is set.
  3. If your project uses a properties file to store configuration, check there too.
  4. The path may also be stored in an environment variable.
    You could check this in your system’s environment variables settings, or in Jenkins.

Once you’ve found where the path is coming from, you can change it to the correct location of your file.

If the file doesn’t exist, you would need to add it to the specified location or change the configuration to point to its actual location. :person_shrugging:

If you’re using WebDriver for your tests, you might need to set the path to your ChromeDriver executable (not a .zip file) using System.setProperty.

System.setProperty("", "/path/to/chromedriver");