Help me with wildfly deployment pipeline script for pipeline project

stage(‘Deployment Mapping of Environment’) {
steps {
script {

        def tomcatUrl
        def warFileName
        def contextPathName
        def tomcatcredential
        if (params.ENVIRONMENT == '') {
            tomcatUrl = 'http://:9090'
            warFileName = '**/*.war'
            contextPathName = ' '
            tomcatcredential =  ' ' 
            deploy adapters: [tomcat9(credentialsId: tomcatcredential, url: tomcatUrl)], contextPath: contextPathName, war:warFileName

re write the above script for wildfly . got struck in a project … need answers asap

installed wildfly deployer plugin from below url and configured with above script. But always getting “No such DSL method ‘wildflyDeploy’ found among steps”. can you please help on this

Hello @anandgsaga and welcome to this community.
You could maybe try that approach: Automated Wildfly Deployments with Maven and Jenkins: Part 1 - Symbiotics .

Hi @poddingue… thank you very much for your quick response. It helped me to finish this integration. Added in maven plugin and triggered remote deployment from maven build itself.
Thank you very much again.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback, @anandgsaga .