Jenkins - convert current declarative pipeline to Maven upload pipeline

in Jenkins declarative pipeline I have a job that currently successfully uploads ZIP package to Artifactory Generic repo.
First I run npm install and npm build scripts, and new generated folder I ZIP it and send to artifactory.

sh "npm install"
sh "npm run build:qa"
		    stage ('Artifactory stage') {
			    steps {
					rtServer (
						id: 'Artifactory',
						url: '',
						credentialsId: 'id'

		stage ('Build info stage ') {
			steps {
				rtBuildInfo (
					maxBuilds: 50,
					deleteBuildArtifacts: true

		stage ('Upload stage') {
		    steps {
				rtUpload (
					serverId: 'Artifactory',
					spec: '''{
						  "files": [
							  "pattern": "arena*.zip",
							  "target": "my-generic-snapshot-local/packages/"

Now, the same ZIPPED file I would like to send to Maven repo - test-maven-snapshot-local.
I saw on this link Declarative Pipeline Syntax - JFrog - JFrog Documentation
that I should define rtMavenResolver rtMavenDeployer and rtMavenRun.
I would like to keep npm install and build logic.

But how do I specify in rtMaven* which zip package I want to UPLOAD to artifactory? I can’t find that part. I do not see a field which references the package that will be uploaded.
Also how to define a name of the package how it should be uploaded? also if I want to specify a subfolder of the repo where I want to upload how I could do that - can "snapshotRepo: " get a subfolder name as well? will the pom file be automatically generated as this is required?

Can someone help me how I should define those 3 methods in my case?

Have you looked at the syntax generator on your server? Getting started with Pipeline

It should let you learn all the parameters of the step for your exact server install