How to upload Jar on Jenkins Artifactory in order to use that as a maven dependency in jenkins plugin development

We are trying to use our SDK hosted on Github package. but according to this document we can upload our SDK jar in Jenkins Artifactory and that can be use in our Jenkins plugin code as a dependency. Is it possible ?

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GitHub maven repo currently doesn’t support anonymous access. So while you can update your pom file to use that repository it’s likely to get flagged as unable to be built when security teams so thier audits.

This only applies to plugins on the public update center. If your writing your own plugin this doesn’t apply. Then it’s just basic maven config.

Since you didn’t provide any context such as plugin oe repo names or error messages all we can do is guess

@halkeye Thank you for your response,

We are creating jenkins plugin for pipeline tracking, we have to use our SDK as a dependency in the plugin. Our SDK is hosted on Github packages. but seems like the Github maven repo does not support anonymous access.

So, we have to find another way to host our SDK artifact on Jenkins artifactory but we haven’t found any way to deploy that SDK on jenkins artifactory in order to use it in our plugin code as a dependency.

Hope you understand the actual point.

Your options are use a public repository like maven central, or PR to GitHub - jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater: Artifactory permissions synchronization tool and data set to allow more things uploaded by your account.

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