Deploy to Wildfly

Hello Everyone
I have a gitlab 15.5.1 and jenkins 2.346.3 in the same virtual machine (debian 11), I have a linux machine with wildfly in docker 20.10.9 , the debian has maven 3.6.3.
I have all conections to jenkins and the proyect copy from gitlab to workspace of jenkins, jenkins compile using maven and creat the war file, all ok but in the next step to Deploy to Wildfly make me the output console this error:

What´s going on? is anything about wildfly, java, the proyect…?

Best regards.

Sorry, I am using the proyect in free style and in the las step that give me problems the Plugin Deploy Wildfly 1.0.2, I hope someone can help me.

Best regards again.

The proyect is compiled in java 11 but the wildfly runs in java 17, coul it be this?

Best regards.