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Hi my name is José Manuel

I have the next server configuration, docker container with gitlab, docker container with jenkins and docker container with wildfly and I need that jenkins look if there is a new code in gitlab and if it is yes that compile and make and artifact or buil or reponse or .jar and deploy the aplication in the wildfly server (before JBoss java server applet). ¿Can anybody help me?

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Hello @jomaguca and welcome to this community. :wave:

I think the first part is pretty straightforward, and for the second one, that’s only wildguesses.

  1. Set up GitLab Webhook: Configure a webhook in GitLab to notify Jenkins whenever there’s a new code push or merge request. This webhook will trigger the Jenkins pipeline.
  2. Jenkins Pipeline: Create a Jenkins pipeline that performs the following tasks:
    a. Checkout Code: The pipeline should start by checking out the latest code from the GitLab repository.
    b. Build and Create Artifact: Use build tools like Maven or Gradle to compile the code and create a deployable artifact (e.g., a .jar file).
    c. Deploy to Wildfly: After a successful build, deploy the artifact to the Wildfly server. This step can involve using a Wildfly-specific plugin or using SSH commands to copy the artifact to the Wildfly container.

Hello Poddingue

First thanks to response.

I am trying now to conect gitlab and jenkins but it is horrible, I am making api token in gitlab and make the conection in jenkins but it say me (Client error: HTTP 503 Service Unavailable).

Can you help me with this?

best regards.

Hi @jomaguca ,

What version of the Gitlab Plugin are you using?

Hi Mister Poddingue

Those are the plugins version of gitlab

GitLab API Plugin
This plugin provides GitLab4J API for other plugins.
Report an issue with this plugin

GitLab Authentication plugin
This is the an authentication plugin using gitlab OAuth.
Report an issue with this plugin

GitLab Plugin
This plugin allows GitLab to trigger Jenkins builds and display their results in the GitLab UI.
Report an issue with this plugin

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Hi Mister

I have ERROR HTTP 503, I have a proxy in my network so, how can I save this proxy to make the conection between jenkins and gitlab in local setup.

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Hello @jomaguca ,

Do you mean you have a proxy between your Gitlab container and you Jenkins container?

Hello again, first thanks to response

I have a windows 10 phisical machine, I have a virtual box virtual software 7.0.4, one virtual machine in debian with jenkins version 2.346.3 and gitlbab-ce version 15.5.1 , in the jenkins I have a screen to put the proxy network but in gitlab-ce have I to put proxy settings?

Docker is another infraestructure in other environment but I have the same problem.

Best regrds.

Hello hello, vacation is over, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
When I try make a pipeline and configure the gitlab conection to jenkin it show me this error. I hope someone can help me.

Best regards.

Sorry It solved, you has to be installed client git in the gitlab server.

Thanks a lot.