GSoC Mentor mailing list


As the proposal prep phase is gaining momentum, we need to get organised and efficient for the mentor coordination. This will be critical for the proposal review and ranking phase.

For that purpose, I created a mailing list on Google Group called It will allow to

  • have a single email to reach to all mentors
  • allow discussions between mentors
  • keep a history of all eMails and discussions

Note that:

  • Membership is only by invite (only GSoC Mentors).
  • Only members can post.
  • The mail history is viewable ans searchable by anyone without restriction.

Comments welcome.

/- Jmm


Really like the idea +1

+1 from me. I wonder if we want to use the private conversation and mailing list feature of instead. We’ve had issues recently with many mail messages from google groups being incorrectly classified as spam by gmail.

The Google Group messages being sent to Spam folder can be prevented by adding the Group’s email as Trusted Sender (or just adding the mail address to the contact list). The other technique (in the gMail world) is to create a mail rule that labels the message appropriately and marks the message as non-spam.

I am not familiar with Discourse and don’t know how to set it up. If we want to use it, we can move to there in a second phase. Time is running out: we need a practical solution quickly.

Sweet! thank you JMM for creating the mentor mailing list :raised_hands:

I can take care of it. This is discourse btw

Just need to know which usernames should be added initially. You can reply by email or web UI. We can make it fully private or only mentors can post it whatever you want.

Ideally make a helpdesk ticket and tag me

I also vote discourse btw

That would be great especially if you think you can achieve the same constrains as discribed above (especially as I am not very familiar with that program).

I’ll file a ticket tomorrow (utc)


/- Jmm

I got excited so went ahead :slight_smile:

New group - Gsoc mentors - Jenkins

  • Stole the icon from the blog post
  • You, @MarkEWaite and @krisstern are admins
  • discourse will let you select a title for your profile, looks like it defaults to the first public group your in, so mark says board, you and kris say gsoc members, feel free to change in your profile
  • member list should be manageable by admins

New category - GSoC Mentors - Jenkins -

  • only gsoc-members can post, everyone can read
  • you can email if you want to post to the category without going to the forums.

Lemme know if you need more access, icon changes, etc. I’ll also see if i can make gsoc mentors mods of the normal gsoc group.

A helpdesk ticket for posterity is probably a good idea.

I recommend all group members update notification settings for that category, but up to ya’ll

I am refraining myself to start looking into this tonight.

I’ll be reasonable and experiment with it tomorrow.

Thank you for looking into this.

/- Jmm

actually I shouldn’t switch mediums for providing info.

@Jmm oh oh! i can set default notification values for the group for different categories. Do you want to treat it like a mailing list where everyone will get notified for every message/reply? actually can you acces Gsoc mentors - Jenkins ? if not, then I’ll set it for you.

Hi Gavin,

Thank you to continue to look into this and polishing it.

I really would like it to work like a mailing list. Now, what is understood under “notification”? An eMail or a signal on the avatar (top right)?

I can access the settings (link) but have no clue how it works (novice with Discourse). So if you could do it me, it would be much appreciated.

/- Jmm

yes :slight_smile:

All of that is configurable in your user profile. You should always get a bell icon one. By default if your logged in and have the window open you’ll get a browser popup (assuming you set that up), if your not logged in, or been offline for a while (30 min?) you’ll get an email.

All of that is configurable per user on the email settings (Profile icon top right, then the little person icon, then emails section).

I’ll set it so every member gets notified of every post. If they don’t like that, they can change their own setting, but the default will be that.

Done, and cool, it updated all existing member’s defaults.