[GSoC Draft Proposal] Screenshot automation for Jenkins Docs

I have completed my draft proposal for Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs.
Here is the link to my draft proposal: GSoC2023_ShashankSah_Draft_ScreenshotAutomationForJenkinsDocs - Google Docs
It would be greatly appreciated if mentors could take some time to review it and offer any possible improvements.
Thank you for your time.
A gentle ping to potential mentors @MarkEWaite and @Mostafa-ashraf19.

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@Jmm @krisstern I am writing to request your assistance in reviewing my project proposal. As an expert in the field, your insights and feedback would be invaluable to me.

And I have one question:
Is it a good idea to add a stretch goal in the GSoC proposal?
I have added one because that will help it to automate the taking screenshot process fully.
Or should I mention that in the "future improvements " section of the proposal?

Yes. I like that. It shows “thinking out of the box”.

Or even better: mention it (and describe it) as “stretch goal or future improvement”. Don’t forget to explain what the feature does and how it would work.

Thank you for the quick response. I will add detailed information about the feature.