[Gsoc2023 Draft Proposal] Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs

I posted my draft proposal link for the ‘Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs’ project on the Gitter channel a week ago, but it hasn’t been reviewed yet. It would be greatly appreciated if mentors could take some time to review it and offer any possible improvements.
Thank you for your time.
Here is the link to my draft proposal: Gsoc2023_Giridharan_Screenshot Automation for Jenkins Docs - Google Docs.
A gentle ping to potential mentors @MarkEWaite and @Mostafa-ashraf19.


Welcome to Jenkins — thanks for submitted draft proposal!

Done reviewing, good job!
kindly take into account highlighted points. :slight_smile:

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Of course! Thank you very much for your kind review of my draft proposal. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to provide me with feedback, and I will certainly take into account the points you highlighted. I will make the necessary improvements as you have suggested and update my proposal shortly. Thank you again for your help and support! :blush:

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