[GSoC 2023 Draft Proposal] GitLab Plugin Modernization

Hey folks! This is Harsh Pratap Singh here and I have drafted my proposal for GitLab Plugin Modernization.
Here is my Draft Proposal : [GSOC2023_PratapSingh_GitLabPluginModernization - Google Docs]
I request the mentors and org admins to review my draft and point out possible improvements.
Sorry for not attending the meeting held on 7th March, it was due to some unforeseen medical reason.
Thanking in Anticipation for you time. And special thanks to Kris for helping me.
Tagging relevant folks : @basil @MarkEWaite @krisstern @Jmm


Is this project already assigned to you @harsh-ps-2003 ?
@MarkEWaite @basil

@anurag-sachan No! I am just a fellow contributor like you. If you want to contribute to GitLab Plugin Modernization Project feel free to do so. Get a draft proposal ready ASAP and share it with the community to get reviews.