[GSoC 2022 Proposal] Manshu Sharma Plugin Installation Manager Tool Improvements

Hi everyone, I would like to contribute in Plugin Installation Manager Tool Improvements.
Here is my draft proposal for GSOC 2022
Draft Proposal: GSOC2022_SHARMA_PluginInstallationManagerToolImprovements - Google Docs
Thank you
Manshu Sharma
@MarkEWaite @AbhyudayaSharma

Thanks for submitting the proposal to us for a review @Svastikkka! But please note that the official review period for mentors has passed. But we will make an effort to review your proposal.

Hi @krisstern, I updated the proposal as you advised would you please check now. The URL is same.

Hi @AbhyudayaSharma I updated the proposal as you advised Please continue the review process. The URL is same.