Getting started with Jenkins and Azure DevOps

Hi, I’m just getting started with Jenkins and Azure DevOps. I want to trigger an in-house Jenkins job from cloud Azure DevOps. I’m following a Microsoft tutorial:

Create a service hook for Azure DevOps with Jenkins

I want to understand from a high level how this is going to work. Here are a few questions:

  1. How does ADO communicate to Jenkins which Jenkins job is to be run?
  2. If the job is triggered by a Git Push, does the service hook specify which branch is to be tested?
  3. Are any specific Jenkins plugins required?

Any hints appreciated. All our Jenkins jobs currently use Subversion, so moving to Git on ADO is very new for us!

As there have been no replies to my question, may I widen it to ask whether anyone has experience of triggering Jenkins jobs using GitHub Actions?

In which case, does GitHub Actions also use service hooks to trigger Jenkins, and how is the required Jenkins job specified?