Move from Azure DevOps to Jenkins


I have been using jenkins many years ago, but have been using azure devops for the last years.
Mainly cause i was working in a microsoft environment (C#)

Currently im working on a open source project writen in GO and hosted on github, so for the build & release pipelines i’m searching for an alternative to azure devops.
Before installing jenkins to see if it meets my requirement, i want to ask it first here :wink:

I have on-prem kubernetes clusters, on-prem sonarqube instance and vm’s that act as build agent.
The flow i usally follow is creating yaml pipeline that build source, run unit tests, build docker container, push it to private repo and deploy to kubernetes instances with approvals.

So what i’m looking for is setup a

  1. build system that build / test the code & run code analysis using sonarqube
  2. build & push containers (conditional depending on branch being build)
  3. Deploy to multiple kubernetes environment with approval and depending on branch

Will be glad to hear this is easy using Jenkins :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

I am actually doing more or less what you are planning to do. The only difference is Openshift instead of Kubernetes and Java instead of Go. It should not be that different.
I am using mainly the Multibranch pipeline and the JTE (Jenkins template engine plugin).