GitHub hook trigger for GITScm polling not supporting Github action workflows

I have setup a cicd in Jenkins for my organization and GITscm trigger was working fine for the push events but now i needed the pipeline should be triggered when there is a workflow in git action, it is not working for workflows it works fine when i choose push events only.
Please help me to sort it out !!!

Hi @iamtasleem ,
Not sure whether is possible on Jenkins vallina or not.
But you could try trigger Jenkins job by API on your Github action

Okay sure, will try it. But if this could be solved by jenkins community, it would have solved so many things.

Hello @iamtasleem and welcome to this community. :wave:

Can this help?

Not sure about it , But simply concern was that when i set the webhook to “only push events” it works perfectly fine it triggers the job when there’s a push on Repo but when i click on custom events like workflow then it run the webhook successfully (acc to webhook delivery log) but my jenkins job doesn’t trigger.

Is there any log about it on the Jenkins controller?
Did you have to add a rule somewhere on your network to get the GitHub hook triggers to pass?
How different are the URL hit by the various triggers?