Generic webhook trigger pipeline job for master branch only?


I’m trying to implement “generic webhook trigger” instead of “poll SCM” for controller branch only. But currently pipeline job is getting triggered for all the merged event for dev, qc and controller, but I want to trigger pipeline job only when any merge event occur for controller branch.

I have already tried steps mentioned on below document for implementation but still job got trigger for merge on any branch.

Please find the below package and application version which I’m using and find attach screenshot of configuration.
Jenkins Version: 2.319.3
generic-webhook-trigger plugin: 1.72
Bitbucket v7.10.1

Pipeline job configuration:

Webhook integration on Bitbucket

Can anyone please help me on this.

Nitin Bisht

Hi All,

Is there anyone who knows about, how to trigger pipeline jobs using Generic webhook trigger? Please help me if anyone has already implemented this on Jenkins for trigger pipeline job for controller branch only.

Nitin Bisht