Embeddable build status plugin build not run

Hey there!
I’ve recently upgraded Jenkins to the latest stable version Jenkins 2.361.1 and latest Embeddable build status plugin version 255.va_d2370ee8fde (from 2.0.3).
And now all the badges on Confluence and Bitbucket show grey fallback icon “build not run”
I have double checked that all the links are double encoded, e.g.
I also tried with %2Fmain but to no avail.

Jenkins and Confluence are connected over crowd2 plugin (that was also updated to version 3.1.2), so there are no users in Jenkins as such, auth is managed by Confluence/Jira

My understanding is that Jenkins and Confluence can connect just fine, otherwise I wouldn’t even see the fallback icon.
Current Authorization method is “Logged-in users can do anything” and " Allow anonymous read access" is disabled. If I enable it - build status icons start to work, but I don’t really want to do that to be honest.

Kindly suggest what could be the issue here?

@Enigo did you find a resolution to this issue? Since upgrading Jenkins I’m also having this same issue - all badges show “build not run”. I’ve made no other changes other than upgrading Jenkins.

looking at the code, there seems to be a new permission you can give out to anonymous if you don’t want to give out blanked read permissions - PublicBuildStatusAction.VIEW_STATUS

As i understand it, your browser talks to jenkins, and jenkins returns an image. Unless a confluence plugin specifically is caching it or something.

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Thanks very much, that was very helpful. It prompted me to look at the security configuration. For my very simple needs it was enough to check the box “Allow anonymous read access” and badges started appearing again.

No caching definitely since when I enable anonymous read access the badges are displayed correctly immediately.
The thing is - I don’t want to keep anonymous read access on just for badges due to potential security issues.
Is there a way to have the previous behaviour or is it a permanent change with no way to configure it?

no idea, you would have to file an issue with the maintainer. Like i said though, there should be a new permission you can enable that allows badges only.

if thats not visible, it may be a bug.

here we go