Documentation office hours - Mar 4, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Dheeraj Singh Jodha (@dheerajodha) , Meg McRoberts, Kristin Whetstone


  • News
  • 2.332.1 changelog and upgrade guide
    • Submitted and ready for review
  • Weekly changelog discussion
    • Are the Monday reviews helpful?
      • Mark is thrilled with the reviews from others
      • Basil wrote a pull request template that notes we use imperative phrasing
    • Review and discussion of samples
  • Interactive test
    • Additional review of pull requests is coming
  • Linux installers switch from System V init to systemd
    • Make the switch now, 2.332.1, or wait 3 months?
      • Is 3 weeks of testing in the weekly enough to switch
      • Based on bug reports, it is enough
      • Is there more data that highlights how many installs of the weekly release?
        • Mark to investigate the data, see what we can infer
    • Needs a documentation page, “Managing systemd services”
    • See Jenkins developer mailing list proposal
    • Should we have a “Managing Jenkins on Linux”?
      • Mark tends away from this one because of how broad it is
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Office hours start in 30 minutes
    • Gitter chat channel is getting questions and discussions
    • Friendly issues are being attempted
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Mark submitted project ideas before end of February
      • Project manager mentored by Mark Waite - not submitted
      • Inclusive naming initiative changes for popular plugins - 2 people
      • Screenshot updates for - 2 people
        • Interactive creation (not automated)
        • Automation article by a CloudBees person very interesting
      • Pipeline improvements (last year) - 2 people
      • Test the tutorials, report issues, improve the tutorials - not submitted
      • Consider “Troubleshooting” as a section worked by a team
    • Need mentors available during Africa daylight hours
    • Timeline
      • April - mid-May (2 weeks of community bonding, 4 weeks development)
      • Selection happening in March
  • Adding a “Troubleshooting” section to User Handbook
    • Trying an operation in Jenkins fails, works from the command line
      • Selenium tests
      • Operating system user specific tests
      • PATH specific conditions
    • Zainab will submit a pull request to start that move
  • Open PR’s