Documentation office hours - Mar 11, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Meg McRoberts


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.332.1 LTS released
      • Darin and Mark did a 90 minute livestream on the changes
      • One or two more livestream sessions on the changes
        • Red Hat systemd update
        • Debian systemd update
      • Add a page to with the live stream videos
    • Jenkins 2.338 released
      • UI improvements are continuing
      • Lots to test and lots to explore
  • Linux installers switch from System V init to systemd
    • Two bug reports have arrived
      • Had to explicitly enable the service (systemctl enable jenkins)
      • Conflicting argument values were handled differently (fix is in a PR)
    • Need more troubleshooting guidance
    • Need more specific description of the information that makes a good bug report
      • This needs more data than other bug reports
    • Docs section on “Managing systemd services”
      • Created and published
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Twitter spaces session tomorrow with Zainab, Mark, and two others
      • Twitter spaces provide live audio and allow Q&A
    • Mark submitted 3 project ideas before end of February
      • Project manager mentored by Mark Waite - not submitted
      • Zainab asked that we submit it
  • Adding a “Troubleshooting” section to User Handbook
    • Pull request submitted and ready for review
    • Want to add more content to the introductory material in the top level page and more entries based on the notes from Gavin Mogan