Documentation office hours - Apr 15, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Meg McRoberts (@StackScribe). Sahitya Gupta


  • News
    • LTS 2.332.3 release is coming (2 weeks)
      • Changelog and upgrade guide
    • Localization is improving significantly
      • Donation by Crowdin Enterprise
        • Translation support
        • Open source license
        • Alex and Mark
      • Much better than existing localization
  • Where to place upgrade instructions?
    • See Issue 5059 - no upgrade instructions on
      • Some Linux users installed with package manager, upgraded by replacing the war file. Were surprised when Jenkins 2.332.1 did not behave as expected (systemd transition requires that the user upgrade with the package manager)
    • Decision is to rename “Installing Jenkins” to “Install & Upgrade”
      • Guide user to upgrade only the Jenkins package with package manager
        • May also upgrade all packages with wider commands
        • Refer them to their operating system guide for wider upgrades
      • Add upgrade section to each location
        • Start small, add to just one Linux, submit PR
    • Page is written in Asciidoc (markup language)
    • Jean-Marc Meessen’s tutorial in an old docs office hours on for dev
      • Visual Studio IDE hosted in the cloud
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Screenshot update project has started
      • Contributors connecting through Slack
      • Using for development (thanks to Jean-Marc Meessen demo)
    • Inclusive naming project has started
      • Could use forums to ask a question
        • Good fallback if they aren’t progressing in the Slack channel
    • Pipeline help project has started
      • Same project as last year, learning from our experience
      • Same negotiation challenge as last year with plugin maintainer
    • Meeting frequency?
      • Currently weekly
    • Dheeraj may be willing to help, Mark to invite
  • GSoC
    • Ongoing reviews of proposals overdue so that candidates can refine and submit in time for the deadline April 19, 2022
  • Open PRs
    • Mark still has not made the “trade” with the security team for some of their time
    • Hope to talk to them next week