Documentation office hours - Dec 23, 2021



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite) , Meg McRoberts, Elizabeth C. Okaome


  • News
    • Jenkins on Java 8 deprecation pull requests are in progress
      • Need a Jenkins Enhancement Proposal that plans the transition
        • Documentation updates
        • Compatibility
        • Security
        • Transitions on platform installers (like deb, rpm, msi, etc.)
        • Schedule
      • Alternatives
        • June 2022 as the transition LTS proposed
        • Longer lived release as the last version to support Java 8?
        • Mark discuss in the mailing list, start a plan after the new year
        • JEP to describe the plan, like the Docker image
    • Linux transition from System V init to systemd
      • Inside deb and rpm files, we use System V init to start, stop, and restart
      • All Linux we support now use systemd and have done so for many years
      • Bug on Debian 11 that would be fixed by switching to systemd
      • Proposal from Jesse Glick to simplify the restart process
      • Development is complicated, testing is really complicated
        • Install docs will be affected, systemd configures differently
        • Need to transition configuration from old to new config
  • Managing Jenkins review and discussion
  • She Code Africa Contributhon 2022
    • Need project ideas
    • Need mentors
    • Applications likely in February 2022
    • Event likely during March / April timeframe
  • Action Items
    • Mark send resources on contributing to Jenkins to Elizabeth
  • Mark gone Dec 30, 2021 - cancel that day
  • Meet again Jan 6, 2022