Disable facebook pixel if possible

When opening some topics, I see part a warning marker from Firefox in the top left corner, saying that the Facebook container blocked access. This suggests a Facebook tracking pixel is present. I would prefer not tracking visitors to the site, if Discourse allows disabling that.


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@olblak I think its the share with facebook link actually. I’m kinda iffy on this one. On one hand, totally -1 on facebook tracking, but sharing seems a good use of it.

I think if you use any of the facebook apis, login, sharing, etc, you get the container.

Sounds like it’s actually a Firefox bug? Facebook Container on Firefox detects tracker while reading a topic - feature - Discourse Meta

Which is interesting cause they use discourse. Facebook container - Add-on Support - Mozilla Discourse

So I’m just confused. Ill dig into it more tonight from a desktop

No worries. I do find a “it’s a Firefox bug” response harder to believe when it’s not accompanied by a link to the relevant ticket on the Mozilla bug tracker. And I can’t seem to find any (whether open or closed).

Mozilla’s own Discourse doesn’t seem to get the markers; not sure whether that’s because they have customized their fonts, or just don’t have the FB stuff active.

Anyway, not a huge deal if it’s not an easy checkbox to untick.


When you click on it, it looks like it triggers discourse/sharing-sources.js at dc6b547ed89f652b5406489d76140b76cf8e0d1d · discourse/discourse · GitHub

There’s no actual tracking going on that I can find (i’ve checked networking tab, there’s no requests to facebook). I’m totally okay with disabling share by facebook, but only because I never use it :slight_smile: As far as I can tell its just agressively triggering for anything labeled facebook. Buuuut, I also can’t figure out why the mozilla version isn’t triggering it. its the same css and stuff.

I’m going to let @olblak make the decision, I think otherwise we can “close” this.

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