Community Feedback Needed: Exploring New Social Media Platforms

Hi there, :wave:

In light of recent developments and ongoing concerns regarding social media platforms like Twitter, I’d like to gather your input on the possibility of expanding our social media presence to alternative platforms.

We currently have active accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, which we use to communicate important updates and news about the Jenkins project. However, considering the evolving landscape of social media, we want to explore the idea of establishing a presence on platforms like Mastodon or BlueSky.

The primary motivation behind this exploration is to ensure that we continue to provide a reliable and accessible means of communication for our community members. With recent discussions about potential changes to Twitter’s accessibility, diversifying our social media presence seems prudent.

Before making any decisions, we value your opinions. Please take a moment to share your thoughts by participating in this brief poll:

  • Would you like to see the Jenkins project on Mastodon as an additional communication channel?
  • Would you like to see the Jenkins project on BlueSky as an additional communication channel?
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  • I’m not interested!
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Do you have any other suggestions or platforms in mind that you believe the Jenkins community should consider?

Your feedback is essential in guiding our approach to ensuring effective communication within our community. We appreciate your participation and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you for being a part of the Jenkins community!

Both apps are very popular among Twitter users, especially in the tech bubble, even when the audience is notably smaller than on Twitter.
Personally, I’m using all three of them because people I’m interested in following aren’t available on another app, and I think that’s where things shift to.

Ultimately, I’d be in favor if we cross post from Twitter to BlueSky and Mastodon.

Thanks for your insight, Alex.
Do you know of a free tool that can help with the cross post?

The idea of being present on alternative platforms is generally good. Since not everyone can join BlueSky, it might not be the current best alternative.

A “developer friendly” version would be GitHub - GanWeaving/social-cross-post: x-post to Bluesky, Mastodon, Posthaven, Instagram, and, ugh, Twitter, which is just a Flask app with a dashboard.
Not too sure if there are any free apps or tools for that at the moment.

Since not everyone can join BlueSky

I can offer invite codes, if needed :grin:

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I can offer invite codes, if needed too. :+1:

I would love an invite. :pray:

It’s unlikely I will use either of those two social media platforms. I know of people that jumped at the first sign of trouble from Twitter to join Mastodon and they never recovered followers or community. Never heard of Blue Sky either, so, this makes it even less of an attractive option. Stay with X and don’t get political. Focus on community building and the Jenkins core values and you’ll be just fine. I personally started in MeWe and I do have a Jenkins DevOps for Life Science Group (where nobody other than me posts). So, I don’t recommend that either.

I want to clarify that I’m not getting political here; this isn’t about making a choice. The recent news suggests that Twitter may soon require payment for its services. As an individual, I’ve decided that I won’t be part of this if it happens. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Jenkins has to leave the platform. I’m reaching out to the community to gather feedback on this matter. Your thoughts and opinions on this potential change are greatly appreciated.


Thank you Bruno. I certainly did not feel that your request was politically motivated, but I do not know that the original exodus from Twitter was. I must also say that I was not aware that payment might be required from most users (I thought may be from the ‘blue’ or some ‘color’ accounts). This community discussion is good, and I’m thankful that you are bringing it up for feedback. Best regards.

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Do you have an additional invite available?

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Sure Ulli, I’ll send you a PM!