Automatic Git Cache Maintenance on Controller Draft Proposal

I have written my first draft to get some feedback on the implementation details that I have written. The timeline is subject to change. I have attached my link to my proposal below.

Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing your document @aaryan-gautam and making it available for review by the Community.

Looking forward to read it and provide some feedback.

/- Jmm

I doubt the git maintenance prefetch feature would be useful for Jenkins. If you have set up a webhook to make the Git server notify Jenkins when developers push new commits, then Jenkins will fetch and build those commits soon afterwards. Even if you ran the prefetch every five minutes, it would be unlikely to find anything new to fetch.

The other features of git maintenance look more useful.

Prefetching could still be useful for a repository used via git clone --reference. That could save network I/O and disk space, especially if the reference repository can be shared between branches of a multibranch project or even between agents. However, because it is not safe to remove objects from a reference repository, you’d have to disable garbage collection and, to stop unnecessary objects from accumulating, only prefetch those branches on which the Git server prevents force pushes. That seems to be out of scope for this project, though.

Shared some comments in the document, @aaryan-gautam .

Thanks for sharing your document.

/- Jmm