Auto completion in the Jenkins web gui?

Found this the other day…


Any idea when this was added? What other things can you use tab to autocomplete? Any link to documentation or do I need to start reading the frontend source code?

I feel like 2016 - workflow-cps-plugin/ at 8cdf266f2d13abb95415e5bdbf91da683e58c047 · jenkinsci/workflow-cps-plugin · GitHub

it seems like it just uses ace-editor plugin - workflow-cps-plugin/workflow-editor.js at 32593e08dee8732a52f7eee68d99a4917bc0b5c5 · jenkinsci/workflow-cps-plugin · GitHub which as far as I can tell hasn’t had any updates for like 6 years

So i don’t think its new, but this is just me digging through code not me knowing

Ahh, thanks for pointing me to the correct code. I would have been looking in core or someplace.

I’ll have to read through the code and see what other snippets are supported and get them documented.

I tried to find the class name of the editor box, then did a org wide search for that, so i’m not 100% in my answer, but it feels right