After Java version and Weblogic version upgrade into Java 11 and WLS14c - Getting error

Hi All,

We are using PeopleSoft and we have upgrade our JDK version into Java 11 and Weblogic version into 14c with PeopleTools 8.59. We are using saml login. After upgrade, We are getting below error.

A problem occurred while processing the request.
Logging ID=b6300216-5f34-4ba8-8714-838060cab84c

Does Jenkins support JDK 11 version or do i miss anything.


Short version: What is peoplesoft? is it something like tomcat?

Recent versions of jenkins actually require java 11, older ones can work with java 11 just fine. Officially we only support the embedded webserver in jenkins.war, though lots of people have jenkins working just fine on other setups.

I would recommend updating all plugins (GitHub - jenkinsci/plugin-installation-manager-tool: Plugin Manager CLI tool for Jenkins lets you do it without jenkins running), and take a look at your error logs to see whats going on.

Thank you, PeopleSoft is an oracle product and we connecting with Weblogic. Similar like tomcat.

I will update the plugins and will try again.

We don’t officially support any of those application servers. They should work, but nobody tests them, or maintains them