Advocacy and Outreach - Dec 2, 2021


Alyssa Tong (@alyssat), Jean-Marc Meessen (@Jmm), Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite)


  • Modernizing plugins initiative - Mark
    • Development is ongoing
    • Developer tutorial on
    • Jean-Marc had adopted a new plugin
    • Mark provide a link to a dev copy of the tutorial to Jean-Marc
  • Upcoming events and planning - Alyssa
    • FOSDEM Feb 5-6, 2022
      • Online event
        • Don’t have plans for submitting a stand application
        • Discussion in the Governance board about not hosting a stand
          • Stand allows us a place to list our content
          • More value from the stand than if people visit the stand
          • Alyssa take the lead on finding that compromise
      • CI/CD Dev Room - Olivier Vernin
        • Proposing talks for that dev room
          • JMM: We should promote this to the Dev list to get folks from the community to submit talks and ways they can contribute.
          • Should propose our talk ideas as well
            • Assemble talk archive / collection to be ready
            • Gitpod experience story
            • Modernizing a plugin story
            • Mentoring internationally
            • More
          • Need CFP deadline dates from Olivier Vernin
      • Booths available, low activity
        • Swag as a way to increase booth traffic?
          • JMM: Sticker is a good idea
          • AT: will look into the logistics and see whether this is a heavy lifting deal.
        • Traffic generator ideas are welcomed
          • JMM: Promote She Code Africa to attract people and promote the event
    • SCALE 19x - March 3-6, 2022
      • In-person conference in Pasadena, California, USA
      • Mark plans to travel there, Jenkins booth
      • Mark submitted a talk proposal using DevOps World talk
        • Not yet accepted
      • Training Room
        • Jenkins Pipeline Training - high interest in the past
        • CloudBees events team requested to fund the $3000 room
        • Contributing to Open Source (lower attendance likely)
      • Booth staffed by Mark and Alyssa
        • Welcome others from the community, local to Los Angeles
  • Advocacy budget items
    • Swag for Professor Andrew Myers
      • Condorcet Internet Voting System (CIVS)
      • Mark to provide email address, Alyssa send the invitation for swag
    • Preparing Alyssa’s budget request for 2022
    • She Code Africa Contributhon sponsorship
    • Internships
  • Google Summer of Code 2022
    • AT: to look into what we did in the past and have timeline
      • Alyssa check with CDF to confirm their plan
    • Agreed in governance meeting that we are doing GSoC
      • Need leaders to run the program
    • Jean-Marc interested in being one of the leaders on the program
  • JMM: What measurement do we have for Advocacy and Outreach activities?
    • Later work on measurements
    • Has access to data sources that may help us understand community health
    • Discuss and understand in more detail what we envision and what is available
  • JMM: What kind of data could we use to support these initiatives?
    • AT: Suggests that as we build out our plans for these initiatives we could set those goals/metrics.

oh wow thanks so much mark. I had no idea this sig was meeting. Its so great to see the minutes.

if you want I can setup a branch of the on the digital ocean apps platform because @dduportal did an awesome job dockerizing the site. Could even have it password protected if we can figure out how to add it to the docker image at 6f3331642a780164c704b28e98ec1d704d74e671 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub

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