2024 05 02 - Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting Minutes

Attendees: AT, JMM, Kris Stern, Bruno Verachten, Kevin Martens


  • GSoC
    • We’ve been accepted for 5 projects
    • Welcome blog post is up, Bruno will work w JMM to change image on jumbotron
      • Thank you Kris & Bruno for the post review.
    • Kris is already setting up for the bonding period. Bruno - we may need to help Valentin & Alex with their’s given this might be their first rodeo.
    • Schedule the first bonding day & time: Next Tuesday, May 7 at 3PM UTC ?
      • Thereafter, weekly Thursdays at 3PM UTC ?
      • Both suggested days/time work for org admins. AT will follow up w/ contributors.
    • KS: Applicants inquired why they weren’t accepted. Not sure about including rating next time.
      • JMM: Email replies were good. Candidates need a response. Need to tell them reality for those weak proposals.
    • KS: Do we want to make public the top proposals to use as an example of what we’re looking for? Should this come from Google?
      • JMM: Could this open it up to plagiarism
      • BV: Each mentoring org has different requirements
      • We agreed further and separate discussion is required on this topic.
  • Contributor spotlight stories - we’re still gathering stories but a little bit harder to obtain.
    • Kevin Martens’ scheduled for next week, then AT
    • Hoping to collect story from Vandit for his work
    • KS: suggest to collect story from Harsh as well
  • Strengthen community efforts continues. We want to give individual attribution where due - see sample. We’d want to do the same for the Contributor Spotlight webpage as a starter.
    • KS: Kris volunteered to help with this page.
  • BV: Adoptium Summit is a premier virtual conference dedicated to exploring the breadth and depth of Adoptium technologies. This half day event provides a vibrant platform for the Java community members, including developers and architects, to delve into the technical advantages of Adoptium, share best practices, and present insightful technical talks. They would like the Jenkins project to have a slot there to share how Jenkins is using Temurin’s technologies. CFP closes May 30.
    • BV could submit a talk if no one else is interested. AT to check w/ Mark as well.